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Our brand new shared workspaces is the first of its kind in Abbotsford. We started with beautifully appointed full-time offices and designer meeting rooms. Then expanded to retail spaces, coffee bar, coworking, lounge area, and our signature rooms such as the Golf Meeting Room, Media and Podcast Room, and Health Studio.


The design psychology and hospitality of our spaces will increase both your productivity and smiles. Comes with everything from desks, smiles, liquids, events, and tons of community + services to amplify your mission.


Anne Marie


Our signature coworking desks rock, they are flexible and efficient. We have all the essentials covered better — digital boards, wifi, printer, liquids — clean and beautiful offices;   Plus we have an in-house coffee bar. Choose from our open lounge area to your own dedicated private desk. And if you want a private phone meeting, we have a phone booth too and it’s free for our beloved members.


Get involved with an inspiring and supportive creative community. Our local community is composed of consultants, lawyers, sales professionals, financial advisors, telecommuters, freelancers, entrepreneurs, graduate students, and other individuals who have the flexibility to choose when and where they work.


Alan Watts

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Business Solutions

Nothing beats our flexible and solution rich services and amenities.  We understand the needs and demands of our valued customers so rest assured you can find efficient solutions from us. Our vast array of services and applications will surely add great value to your business while maintaining cost-effective, giving maximum exposure and success to your business.

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Émile Zanati


104 – 32615 S Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X8

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